Welcome to Retro VideoGamerDedicated Specialist in Videogames & Media - with over 20 years of trading experience in this industry.Rest assured of a personal & caring  & honest service with each & every transaction.----------------------------------------------------------Product ConditionThis game has been fully inspected.The disc is flawless New & unused & in all round new condition. The game is NOT sealed.Includes : Relevant manuals etc as per picture.Any relevant codes etc we fully believe to be unused - Please contact if there ever was to be an issue as we always assist and resolve.Please see the photos of actual item you will receive.-------Item has been added to a gifting sleeve, this is to preserve the condition of the game once it's been fully inspected, to deter storage wear, dust etc. by no means is this intended or to be foreseen as factory sealed !-------Manuals.As you will know, 99% of games nowadays only come with safety & promotional leaflets & do not ever include a manual & occasionally include a buttons functions leaflet !Please see picture if to see what's included - If empty it often means the game has only have ever come with useless promotion material which we dont include to make clear to buyers the relevance thats included.(e-manuals can be accessed in game & full downloads can often be downloaded form publisher website.)* Upon request for the purist & collectors we can often offer the relevant promotion leaflets to this game at no extra cost :-)DLC packs. Promotional downloadable content for the vast majority of games has now expired or simply no longer supported by the publisher, be it a sealed or pre owned game !Along with buyer fraud & the inability to 100% verify codes, these are no longer provided as default to avoid buyer & seller disappointment ! (Any seller offering these will be offering these under a false pretense.)* Upon request we can often offer DLC codes, which are offered as expired only!  One per purchase only!  - Sent via picture attachment. If you require anything additional or specific - Please contact Before Purchase where we'll be sure to assist :-) ----------------------------------------------------------Our service to you* Each & every used item is tested to satisfaction & new items fully checked !-------* All items are sent same day for a smooth & fast delivery !(We list our items with a 2 day dispatch time as we like to exceed listed expected delivery times rather than fail them, as very aware of buyers urgency to get gaming or gifting.)-------* You will receive exact title & content as per picture ! ( Rather than unknown versions & content from the well known offshore 'stack um high' corporate sellers with questionable practices!Who lack any attention to detail & offer uncertain conditions, unknown editions & content, along with poor after sales care as seen by their feedback ratings.Sorry to many bad experiences ! )-------* We care for our products & add our our games regardless of condition be it new or sealed to crystal micro casing bags,  Great for gifting.-------(Manufactures stock photo?s & in game graphics often added to enhance & better represent the item on offer)----------------------------------------------------------Only relevant for those attempting to obtains goods by fraudulent activity !We operate on a Zero tolerance to Fraud !We stream & recorded footage of all items being dispatch !   -   All Items are watermarked to identify origin   -   Consoles come with warranty stickers applied, any tampering will VOID warranty & will not be accepted !We will be aware of all Items fraudulently returned ! We make collections all around the UK, Our drivers will be scheduled to obtain stolen goods with an additional cost of £100 added !Items & costs will be pursued also through the courts regardless of costs. -  County court judgments & prosecutions will be perused & secured personally & also against  household, neaboughers & employers also warned & informed - This will cost fraudsters & all associates having lived there dearly in their dignity & credit history in tatters.CCJ'S will only be removed once all original losses + cost are paid in full.BY SELECTING BUY IT NOW & COMMITING FRAUD AGAINST RETRO VIDEOGAMER -  WILL RESULT IN BEING RELENTLESSLY & PERSONALLY PURSUED & PROSECUTED !  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !HGTP-PS4-019V001-TNX

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